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Dental Practice Management & Consulting

New practice setup
Either you are buying an existing practice or opening a new practice from scratch, we will provide consulting to help you design office layout, operatory layout, equipment purchase, supply purchase, regulatory compliance etc.

Operational planning
The major culprit in dentistry business is overhead expenses. The more overheads, the less profit. We will help you make your daily practice operation most efficient possible and increase your profit margin upto new levels.

Practice evaluation & efficiency improvement planning
No matter how much revenue your practice generates, it will be a long exhausting day/week/month if practice's daily flow is not smooth and effective. The more stress employees and doctors feel, the less they will produce. We will help you design a workflow that will make everyone in the office work without stress and yet perform better.

Staff training and motivation
Every owner or manager knows how hard it is to find good employees and train them to perform his/her job duties efficiently. We will provide thourough training to your employees including frontdesk receptionist, billing person, office co-ordinator and office manager. As a practice owner, you will be given ideas about performance based incentive programs that you can implement in office to get more out of your employees. It will also help you retain good employees. Remember, no one is going to go an extra mile unless they are compensated for it.

Insurance participation and negotiation
Participating in different insurances provides a huge volume of patients. Majority of patients have one or the other kind of insurance either from their employer or self bought. Assume, there are 2000 patients in your area who has AETNA insurance. If you are not participating with AETNA, you are directly loosing that patient pool. We will help you identify good insurance plans that pays well and enroll into them. If you have multiple practice locations, we will also help negotiate pay out rates with insurance companies.

Hiring & Staffing needs
We will provide you support in hiring good employees whether it's a frontdesk, assistant or billing person. Our staffing solution dept will also refer you good candidates for your needs.

Dental equipment and material purchase
Average dental supply cost should not go beyond 6-10% of your gross revenue. We will help you find great deals on various dental supply materials like endo files, gutta purcha, burs, composite material, impression material etc. etc.