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Powerful marketing that works
There is a rule of thumb in any business. No marketting, no business. Every business has to have some type of marketting plan to get their name floating around. We will help you establish best marketting stratagies for your practice and track the responses from each.

Search Engine Marketing
Our expert web developers know how to build and augment your website so that when prospective clients in your locality search for a your type of business, your website appear in the search results. We carefully incorporate keywords, links and metatags into your site content that will trigger Internet search engines, such as Google®, Yahoo! ® and MSN®.

Also, We can help you build an effective strategy for increasing your exposure with affordable online advertising. Following are some of the highlights of online search marketting,

Click on this image to enlarge. You can see that so far 333 people have clicked on this office's Ad that showed up in google search.

Here you can see how your Ad shows up in google search results, when someone searches for one of your keywords.
  • You decide how much you want to pay when someone clicks your Ad
  • You decide your daily/monthly budget for online search marketting
  • You are in complete control of your marketting campaign.
  • You can add or delete search keywords, modify pay-per-click amount, modify your Ads etc.
  • Your Ad will appear in 'sponsered search results'

Have questions? Send us your question and someone will contact you to answer all your questions


Description Fees
Static HTML website $1250 $849
Static HTML website with a Flash header on home page $1400 $999
Pay-Per-Click(PPC) search engine marketting SETUP (Setup only, client is responsible for pay-per-click and other costs associated with it) $300